Making Felt Balls

More of my tutorials can be found at my new site http://rachaelgreenland.co.uk – you might even find a cup of tea over there…

Further tutorials are being posted here – I really want to share all kinds of creative techniques with you (not just felting).


14 responses to “Tutorials

  1. Ahh the colours – so gorgeous!

  2. I would use them to make a fab wreath like this one on the Pickles blog – would probably take me til next Christmas though, so better start now!

    • Each ball takes about 10 minutes to make so if you can count up how many balls there are on the wreath (!) you can work out how long it would take. My guesstimate is, quite a while but you’d have a wreath for life!

  3. Rachael, Thank you for sharing beauty with the world:) You’re just lovely and full of sunshine, and so are your projects. I’m grinning as I write…

  4. Hi Just a question is the water in the basin hot or cold?
    Thanks Angela

  5. The felted balls are beautiful. I really appreciate you sharing your technique on how to craft them. I’ll stay posted for more.

  6. They are beautiful !!!!

  7. Hi! Thank you so much for your helpful tutorial. I was wondering, though, how big are the felt balls that you made in the video?

  8. Hello Rachel, I was very happy to find your video as tomrrow I am going to make felt balls with children! And never felted before :).
    But how do you add different colours?

    • I’m delighted you’ve been inspired!

      To add extra colours you can do them in layers, or if you have carders (like bent pins on bats) you can mix your colours that way. The question, I suppose, is, what effect would you like to create?

  9. Hi Rachel! I loved these felt balls. I don’ t understand what the product in the bottle is. I don’t know either whether I can find it un my country. (Argentina). I hope so

    • Hi Gabi,

      The bottle contains warm water with a small squirt of washing up liquid (I use Ecover, but any can be used). The detergent helps to open up the scales on the fibres which is important in the felting process. You could also use a small amount of an ordinary bar of soap grated into warm water and allowed to dissolve.

      I have moved my blog to http://www.rachaelgreenland.co.uk and am adding more tutorials and fun things to do – do come over and take a look.

      Have fun with your felt ball making.


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