Hi Honey! I’m Ho-ome!

I know, I know. I’ve been away from here for far too long. It goes like that sometimes, and as a person who is easily distra… ooh, look, shiny…. where was I?

My partner and I had a “bit of a year” last year and moving into 2015 has created a focus I wasn’t expecting, but am delighted to feel it. A line has been drawn under 2014 and here I am, back at my blog and back in my studio for at least two days a week. Whilst here I hope to share what I’m doing with you, and you can share with me if you fancy.

Meg, Gordale Scar The focus is shifting slightly too. I am a person of many hats; textiles / creativity is only one of them. Another is dogs and animals, and my “day job” is Mekuti, selling specialist equipment for dogs with behaviour or confidence problems. I would like to share aspects of that side of my life with you too.

Last year I set up The Textile Tutor on Facebook, where I share videos and information. I am in the process of transferring the information across from there to here so that you can have some fun with textiles yourself and not have to faff around finding the right place to be!

Tomorrow, we are doing something very exciting, and I will spill the beans when it’s happened. You will just have to wait and see…

Meanwhile, I’m just so excited to back here. I hope you can hear it in my voice.



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