Who’s the twit?

Welcome Mr. Healey

This must be an age thing as it’s a full month since I went to York for the first Felter’s Group. Where has the time gone? There, I had to say it, I’m turning into my mother.

This week we were mostly doing needle-felting, a particularly dangerous sport. We were also doing the obligatory tea-drinking, cake eating and the rather wonderful sharing. It’s so inspiring seeing other people’s work – I kicked myself for leaving my somewhat meagre offerings behind. Another time maybe.

And so to my new friend, Mr. Healey (check the eye-brows). He has a poorly eye but I suspect a trip to the optician may fix that. What? Ok. He’s just told me that one eye is closed, like owls do, so no trip required,

Profile shot...

which I’m quite relieved about – have you seen the cost of opticians nowadays?

He started life as a ball plus a more oval shaped ball of Shetland wool. His head was dry felted to the body using (careful) stabbing movements. I only went through my finger once, but that was enough. I resisted the urge to do it again.

His chest and face were stabbed on (merino and silk mix), as were some of his tufting. The eyes were pretty fiddly as he’s only 3″ tall, which is why one of them remains closed!His wings were fun to do, with the fluff being generated from stabbing the fleece on top of sponge so when it was pulled away the parts which had been pushed into the sponge fluffed up.

I’m actually pretty pleased with him for a second attempt at an animal – he was great fun to make. Tempted to do more needle-felting, but I’ll wait until my stabbed finger has stopped throbbing!


One response to “Who’s the twit?

  1. I love Mr Healey but he does bear a strong resemblance to my hero, Sir Patrick Moore.

    On balance I reckon Patrick is more appropriate as his feature are nebulous in the extreme 🙂

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