Turning around to face where I’m going…

I am a great believer in our ability to listen to the whispers and be guided to who we truly are. In the past this has involved meditation, t’ai chi, mindful walking, journal writing and so on, i.e. a conscious effort to create the environment to hear clearly.

I am experiencing another way. Flow. There are many degrees of flow to live in – the all encompassing, completely engrossed state where the outside world ceases to exist or the day-to-day “living the life you love”, being true to yourself and your aspirations. In this state everything that you need is there; if you miss it, something a bit louder will get your attention.

The Screw Work, Let’s Play project of felt-making was a vehicle for me. It wasn’t about wanting to be a full-time felt-maker; it was a way of me doing something with textiles which was portable(ish), where I could learn loads about the techniques, be something I could teach others at the end of the project, to get myself back on track with textiles/creativity but it was a vehicle  to get the most out of the support offered on the 30DC community.

I enjoy crafting and making “things” but my attention does wander and it can turn into work, especially if I’m making for someone else. It ceases to be about my creativity and becomes about my perception of the other persons expections. Being pretty rubbish with other people’s expectations all of the joy goes out of the making.

I have signed up to do the 8 week project with Screw Work and Free Range Humans. At the time I appreciated how much I needed to move what I was making to be more artistic and less crafty and set myself the target of getting a piece of work into a gallery by the summer. It is pretty important for me to have that impetus and some kind of deadline to get a piece into the public domain. It may be a large felt piece or it could be something completely different – it will be textiles related anyway. The ideas are flowing and going into the sketchbook.

So, back to the whispers. Yesterday I got whispered at very loudly by Marianne Cantwell from Free Range Humans. She was talking about niche marketing and the importance of knowing what your niche is before getting too bogged down in the detail of selling. When I started to think about the potential audience for my work I had a strong inkling that it is more suited to commercial premises than galleries – or is it?

I like to work on a larger scale than most domestic environments could accommodate. This would mean that I can aim my arrows at people with big houses, commercial premises or public buildings. I was pointed in the direction of art consultancies who place artwork in offices and commercial property and am fired up already! I have a clear idea of the piece I’d like to make next as a tester and see how it would scale up. First I need to go shopping to the sweety shop (Wingham Wool Work) and get some supplies.

It is entirely possible that the pieces can be scaled up or down, but I may be trying to be all things to all people instead of just doing what I want to do, which is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

I shall get some pictures scanned to give you an idea of the work I was doing in 2000 which was put on hold until now. I really do feel like I’m continuing where I left off then and that is pretty amazing that creative urges can be paused for such a time and then re-kindled.

My gratitude is for Marianne in whispering loudly at me, and for Demetri creating the time and space I need to pursue this. You have a way of keeping me facing the way I need to be travelling.


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