Gratitude Bunting

Get ready for bunting making...

In my box of unfinished projects I have material to make bunting for our lovely Bell Tent and do you know what? It’s in the “unfinished projects” box. It’s almost becoming an instruction. Put it in the box and stop feeling guilty about it. Done.

So what happened to inspire me to make “gratitude bunting”? During the 30DC I received a whole load of support from many people, and one of them stood out as she was able to boot me up the bum in such a kind way, and in a way which made me sit up and listen. It was only a one word boot, but so efficient, well timed and very, very accurate.

I was wondering how I could get through my usual working day doing things which I found tedious and draining, but even more so now I had the contrast of doing something amazing, creative and playful. I asked advice. Selina Barker, play guru, from the Screw Work, Let’s Play 30 Day Challenge came back with the one word I probably didn’t want to hear –


Cut and ready to sew...

Short and sweet. From this simple, short, swift boot up the bum I began to see that discipline and inspiration are on the the same continuum, just miles away from each other. With the play project I feel inspired to get cracking with it and have loads of drive as it’s something within me bursting to get out and be made manifest. With my daily work I need to apply effort to do what needs doing and the discipline to see it through, and to have no sight of the end of the apparent treadmill.

Selina has an energy about her which is infectious and positive. She will say things as they are (I have found Yorkshire people are pretty forthright too!) and be gently encouraging with her way of keeping us on track, remembering that we are playing as opposed to working. There is a moment when one slides into the other and, boy, is it helpful to have a Selina around to remind you that it’s about having fun, not labouring – inspiration as opposed to discipline perhaps?

Full steam ahead! Inspiration on hand...

So, how to say “thank you”? Selina has embarked on her own Challenge by packing up her life into a campervan with her 100 things to travel for 6 months. She has successfully kitted out her new home with lots of gingham, but no bunting. That has been rectified! I spent a happy few hours making some “gratitude bunting” for Selina. I may have gone slightly overboard as there are 4 lengths of about 5 metres each, but they were great fun, and I hope she gets pleasure from them.

I have left space here in case there is a picture of Selina with her bunting in situ…

Giving gratitude is so easy. Receiving it or hearing it is harder! I’m working on it.


One response to “Gratitude Bunting

  1. Love the bunting , thought you would have Bloged about this morning . I’m now set up my Blog on here as Crafter5.

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