Making a felt bag workshop – results are in!

The bag being made today

What a great day! The final day of the 30 Day Challenge saw six lovely people join me for a felting extravaganza making bags. I scaled the size of the bag down to ensure that we could finish in time and we managed it, including time for drinking tea and eating cakes!

None of the participants had knowingly made felt before (apart from the usual mistaken jumper felting) and were very happy when I pointed out that they were in a situation that they could never repeat again when working with felt. This would be the only day in their lives when they had no knowledge of how fleece responds and therefore could be completely free in what they did! Anything went.

Becky's bag - more than a mobile phone holder

The thing which thrilled me the most about today was how you can give a group of people the same materials, the same template and the same instructions and yet each finished piece be radically different to each other. This goes beyond colour and pattern choices. One bag looked so thick that I doubted it would felt properly, but it ended up a triumph – and exceedingly sturdy. Another bag was dainty and beautiful, and is to be kept as an evening bag. Another looked slightly banana shaped, but was manipulated into a beautiful plant pot holder.

Florence and her evening bag

My aim was for people to have a bag which they loved, for either its character or for its beauty – I wasn’t expecting both! The feedback was very positive and they would like to come back and do another, which is delightful. I think I may just be concentrating on some decorative pieces for a while and see if I can get a gallery interested.

I was so happy to hear one of the participants say how therapeutic  they had found the day. She loved being so engrossed in creating something and it was beautiful watching her as she played.

And now, dear friends, I’m going to have a long cold drink and wave my legs in the air for a few hours with a happy smile on my face and joy in my heart. Thank you to those who shared today with me, and thank you to those who made it possible.


One response to “Making a felt bag workshop – results are in!

  1. Wow !! Well done! I’m so impressed! Your own bag looks stunning and I can see why everyone had an amazing day! May it be the first of many!
    Rosemary X

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