Many moons ago I was introduced to the editing suite at college via an early Media Studies course (yes, it felt like a cop-out course because learning really shouldn’t be that much fun, should it?). I spent hours in there reeling the tape back and forth to find the perfect spot for the audio to hit the video. It was so exciting when it went right and totally absorbing when it didn’t. As I said, learning wasn’t meant to be that much fun and my friends were annoyed as they temporarily lost their drinking buddy.

Via the Screw Work, Let’s Play 30DC  I was reintroduced to editing when making the “How to Make Felt Balls” video. I had so much fun filming it and then had to learn how iMovie worked. Once I’d got over the initial “EEEK where to start?” I worked out how to reduce 10 minutes to just over 3, to split the audio from the video and stick it back together again. It may sound such a straightforward thing to do but having had many years of someone else leaping in doing all the techie stuff for me my confidence was pretty low.

To say making and posting the video was a huge confidence boost would be a massive understatement. There was so much of a change that I was able to stand up in front of friends and their friends later that week and do my version of “Gordon is a moron” (it’s less than pretty) with no hesitation at all.

I can now honestly say to someone who lacks confidence to go out there, say “balls to it” and make a short video about something you love doing. Just stick the camera on a tripod and talk to the lens – imagine it’s someone you’re very fond of and tell them about the thing you love doing the most. It could be a how to do it, how to understand it, how to sense it, or just be it. You have nothing to lose. Try it. You’ll be surprised by who you see on screen.


One response to “Balls!

  1. Brilliant! Rachael, have you seen these?
    I’m going to use your technique to see if I can make the felt balls small enough.

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