Can felters make mistakes?

I was feeling very pleased that I’d successfully made a piece of very fine felt – it was the most delicate to date. I took it to show Demetri who asked a question which left me feeling a little crushed –

“How can you get the bubble-wrap marks out?”

Delicate felt with bubble-wrap marks

Looking at the image now I can see his point. However, I love the texture and pattern and the way the fibres have curled between the bubbles.

This led me to ask myself the question, when you are working with fleece in a loose and organic way, is there such a thing as a mistake? Isn’t this how we move things forward? How new creativity is discovered to be explored further?

When applying the same question to life – is it possible to make mistakes? What are mistakes anyway? “To be wrong” doesn’t work for me, “to blunder in the choice of” is very clumsy. A friend once said to me, “Rachael, a mistake is just a mis-take. There is no blame or self-retribution. It just is.”

So, my felt, well, just is. What do you feel?


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